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0001 Database Capability (Phase 1) - 500 Test Use Case - Provided by AbstraX Provider


Provided by AbstraX Provider.
59. The Base AbstraXProvider will provide a shared interface that must be implemented by all AbstraX Extensions.    
60. The EntityProvider will have a shared class (i.e. EntityProviderExtension.shared.cs) that will provide functionality to the front-end.  
61. The Base AbstraXProvider will provide the definition of an Attribute that will be acquired by the Silverlight front-end code generator (AbstraXGenerator) to instantiate and provide an instance of the extension.  
62. A method will be added to the IBase server and client interfaces for returning an extension.    
63. The EntityProvider back-end Entities will be refactored to provide the interface method 
64. The back-end implementation of the interface method will be decorated with the Attribute as described above and will return null by default.    
65. The AbstraXGenerator will read the Attribute from this method to instantiate and return the AbstraXExtension via a Unity IoC container.

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