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0001 Database Capability (Phase 1) - 29 Handle Instance Redirection


Handle insertsHandle queriesHandle children

Reproduction Steps:
  1. Right click on entitytype
  2. select add navigation property
  3. click new navigation property
  4. add navigation property name
  5. select multiplicity
  6. click submit( wait for a while the insert operation will take time )
  7. verify that the node is added with reverse connection to the original node.
for example if you add node b as navigation property under node Anode A(entity type) node B(navigation property)it should also have node a as navigation property under node Bnode B(entity type) node A(navigation property)

8 when you expand navigation property you should get all children's of that node.

for examplenode A(entity type) node b(navigation porperty) node b(enity type) and all children of node b